New Life Ministry Baptist Church
"A Ministry of Hope in Times of Despair"

Dr. Kenneth Foy, Sr.

Church Philosophy
The Foundation (rock or support system) of our Christian faith is Jesus Christ.
The Heart (passion) of our Christian faith is Service.
The Pulse (proof of life) of our Christian faith is Humility.

Thus, we serve out of a spirit of humility as we build on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement
"Advancing the Kingdom of God by Promoting the Gospel of Christ"

Threefold Objective
To reach and evangelize the lost and unchurched for Christ.
To disciple, strengthen, and mature the believer in Christ.
To develop and cultivate a meaningful relationship with Christ.

Church Location:                                                                                                                                         

10054 S. I-10 Service Road                                                                                      Phone: (504) 376-5322
New Orleans, Louisiana 70127                                                                           Email:

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